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Magda Fic
Written by Magda Fic

What is a set operation?

We have prepared for you a short explanation of what a setting operation is, where to turn it on and what it really does


The setting operation concerns the retooling of the machine / changing settings before the real work and is closely related to a specific production order. The production schedule shows which tasks require setup of the machine before. First, the worker starts the setting operation, and then goes on the workpiece machining.


Thanks to this, the efficiency of your workers on individual manufacturing tasks will not be mixed with changing the settings on specific machine or preparing the workplace. In addition, you will have control over how long the setting operation took and who was responsible for it.


If you want the setting up operation to be displayed on the production schedule, you must enter it into product technology - by entering Products on the left, and then editing a specific product (pencil on the right). If you don’t have a product added yet -add it and then go to the Technology tab

Then a specific product window opens and we go to the technology tab, add a machine or operation for which the requirement is set, and then select from the optional field that this is a setting operation.

Remember that the next operation in the technology must be the same machine - except that we do not select anything in the Optional field.


How will I know while planning if it is a setting operation?

When scheduling, such an operation will be described as "Setting Operation" and marked in blue

How will the setup operation be visible in the work history?

In the operation type column, you can see exactly which of them are setting and who was responsible for this task - you can filter the table by operation type.

How will the setup operation be visible in the manufacturing tasks tab?

This way you will see all the operations related to setting - here you can also filter yourself.

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