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Magda Fic
Written by Magda Fic

What is a manager view and what is a shoop floor view?

What a workers can see, how to log into each views, and what the differences are between them 🤔

🎬 See the differences between these views in the video:


The shop floor view shows what a worker can see. It is not possible to make changes or drag and drop orders on the shop floor view. You can only do the tasks assigned to you by the manager. 

  • On the shop floor view, you can clock in / clock out at work
  • You can also pick the task assigned to you to start work on the production task
  • On the shop floor view, it is possible to enter to production data, such as the quantity made, the quantity of raw material used, add defective products and the description. Add photos or attachments form the production hall.
  • workers can add comments to a task, which will be visabe to other workers who start working on this order


You can manage production tasks on the manager’s view, set a production schedule, and drag and drop to prioritise tasks. What’s more, you can create a database of your products, so the know-how and product knowledge stay inside the company, not only in the heads of critical employees. Information about your products (including photographs, drawings, attachments) will become apparent, easy to understand, complete and always at hand.

With just a few clicks, you can create a production plan displayed via a web browser at the production hall in an easily accessible form from any place in the world.

Your workers can see all assigned tasks and responsibilities, together with your comments and product characteristics. They know who should do each job, what exactly is supposed to be done, and what time. Workers register their presence through a production planning panel using cards / RFID-based vital fobs when they come to work. Also, they register the start / the end of the performed operation, indicate the current state, and add additional comments. Everything is in your account in just a few seconds so that you can see all changes on the manager’s dashboard.


It is straightforward to log into the program - enter it in your browser: yoursubdomain.getprodio.com

There you will see both panels. The shop floor view is on the right - here workers will register their work on the tasks. The manager view is on left.

To log in to the manager view, use your e-mail address and the password you entered when setting up your account. If you have forgotten your password, use the "Forgot password" function.

To log in to the shop floor view, use the login and password which generated when you created your account. You will find then in the first email you received from us - it's title is "Prodio - your login data". However, if this email got lost somewhere or you want to add a new shop floor view or change your password to a more friendly one:

  1. Go to Settings on the left
  2. Click "Shop floor view"
  3. Click the edit icon and change your password

When you want to see on your computer how Prodio looks on the shop floor:

  1. Open your browser in the incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N for Chrome or Ctrl+Shift+P for Firefox)
  2. Enter it in your browser: yoursubdomain.getprodio.com
  3. On the right side give the login and the password to go to desired production view

High five 🙋‍♀️ - team Prodio!

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