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Magda Fic
Written by Magda Fic

Printing order (can also be used as identification cards in production)

Make life easier for workers who have problems with constant access to the computer, you can pass them on a printed order with barcodes.

#TIP: Paper cards are also great for identifying a product on the production hall by attaching it and placing it in a box of a given order.


Go to the Orders on the left side. If you want to print the card only for one item from the order, just check it with the checkbox and click print

#TIP2: Remember that your order must be planned, i.e. technology must be created for it to display the tasks with barcodes
# TIP3: If you want, you can print several production guides at once. All you have to do is check more items with the checkbox

Then a production guide will appear that you can print and pass on to the production :)

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