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Caroline Rutkowska
Written by Caroline Rutkowska

Machine setting - how to include it in the program? 🛠

You will learn how to settle the machine setup time. And how to enter it into the application.

You can improve your production management by using machine setup times / job site preparation. To be able to account for it, it should be taken into account in the production technology. To do this, go to the Products tab, then the edition where you want to include this type of operation, and then the second tab called Technology.

Now, as the first operation, we select the machine on which the retooling will be performed, we mark it in Optionally as a setting operation - we can also add the execution standard and some other details.

We choose the next operation as the right one, i.e. cut - leaving the optional field as it is now.

After planning the manufacturing order for this product, we will see a double tile on the plan, the smaller one means the setting operation - after this operation is performed, it will disappear leaving a tile with the correct operation on the production schedule.

Thanks to this, you will be able to check how much time is spent on retooling, and your employees will know that the machine is not yet ready to start production.

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