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Caroline Rutkowska
Written by Caroline Rutkowska

I can’t delete an employee. Why?

If your employee didn’t start any work on a manufacturing task yet, it’s possible to delete him. However each activity already taken on a production plan is recorded in a History. That’s why when we want to delete an employee, we get an error message. By this way Prodio makes sure that the data are integral. It will let you check exact historical data and compare it to current ones, even if an employee doesn’t work with us anymore.

This, what we can do is to mark him as an Inactive. Then he won’t be visible on any lists (f.e list of employees needed for check ins / check outs and we won’t be able to assign him to manufacturing tasks.

 ♦Inactive employees are not included in the limit of your employees

 ♦ ♦ When we would like to switch an employee and use an edition to change data for an already existing one, we need to remember that also his History of work will change. Here important is precise production calculation.

To mark an employee as inactive, go to Settings, then click the Workers tab. 

Here, on the list of all employees, we can filter only the active ones. The next step is to click on the edit next to a specific employee. 

Now our employee is inactive :) 

Isn't it easy? :)

High five 🙋‍♀️ - team Prodio!

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