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Magda Fic
Written by Magda Fic

How to pass on important information on the shop floor? ✍️

Here you will find out how to quickly and easily pass on general information or details of manufacturing orders and tasks

We actually have several solutions to provide information for the shop floor in Prodio :)

♦ ️If something applies to the entire shop floor - such as a previously reported planned power failure or servicing, audit or other, you can enter the following comments on the manager's panel side:

and this information will be displayed exactly the same on the shop floor in worker view :)

♦ ️ If you want to provide information about an manufacturing order so that it is visible in all manufacturing tasks related to it, it is enough to use the Notes for all field when creating the manufacturing order

It will be visible after pulling the Notes column for all (wrench in the upper right), and set it as shown:

Such information will also be entered into all manufacturing tasks under this order after it has been planned and will be visible immediately on the production schedule, without the need to open a given manufacturing task:

♦ ️ If you want to provide information about a given manufacturing task, or you duplicate the same machine in technology and want to specify what is to be done this time, you can use TAGs that act as colored stickers on orders :) And again - without the need to open a production order :) You will find them in the settings - there you can change the color and edit them so that your production schedule gets even bigger colors :)

You can use them for a specific manufacturing task at the stage of planning your order in the following place :)

after saving the changes, such TAGs will be displayed on the production schedule as follows:

High five 🙋‍♀️ - team Prodio!

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