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Caroline Rutkowska
Written by Caroline Rutkowska

How to configure QR codes? 👨‍💻

Apart from the pin codes,, bar codes, RFID and NFC key fobs, this is another way to register check-in / check-out and work on production tasks in Prodio faster :)

The advantage of this method is that the program offers us a ready generator of such codes, and the fact that it is enough to print such codes yourself and distribute them to employees, which will further reduce the costs associated with production :)

To activate QR support, go to Settings, then General Settings and enable the option marked below:

Now, we can safely go toWorkers section, which is also in Settings and after going through, we will see the code generator immediately :)

We immediately see the print preview, and the possibility of direct printing :) 

Now you just need to put your QR code on the webcam in the device supporting Prodio at the check-in / check-out stage or when registering work on production tasks:) For example, when it comes to registering the start of work on a production task (for other activities, we do the same), click the icon in the upper right corner : 

* Here the browser may ask us if we want to share the camera image, so we click yes

Then a small window appears in the lower right corner. The next step is to bring the QR code closer to the webcam and it's ready :) 

High five 🙋‍♀️ - team Prodio!

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