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Magda Fic
Written by Magda Fic

How to assign standards in technology?

Do you want to find out what are the benefits of assigning standards in product technology and how to do it? Are you ready for an easy ride? Look below!


Assigning standards brings many benefits, ranging from order planning to the analysis of your employees' work.

The first benefit are prompts for the execution time of a given order during its planning, and based on this information, the automatic setting of the start date of a given production stage.

The program subtracts the “Estimated Execution Time” from the date specified in the “When?” Field. by displaying the default due date in the “Planned start” field.

The "estimated time of execution" is calculated by multiplying the standard of execution by the number of pieces in the order. Information for the "When?" Field by default, they are downloaded from the form for adding a new order - the "Expected completion date" field. Of course, all fields filled in by default can be manually edited while planning the job.

Another benefit of assigning standards is the ability to check the performance of your employees on a given order. Go to Work History, you will find the Productivity (pcs / h) column there. You can read about the data on the basis of which performance is calculated here.


Performance standards can only be assigned in the product adding / editing form. Enter the Product Sheet and go to the Product Technology tab. There, select the machine, type of operation, and then specify the execution standard in the selected unit of time. The entered numerical value specifies the number of seconds / minutes / hours it takes for a given production step for one item.


If your company uses one of the standards most often, it is worth setting it as the default. To do this, go to Settings on the left menu, then Main Settings. In the Products tab you will find the "Default performance unit", choose the best option for you there.



What if I exceptionally need to change the standard of the product - task execution time?

When scheduling an order, you can manually edit the estimated time of completion calculated on the basis of the “Estimated Time To Completion” standard.

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