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Caroline Rutkowska
Written by Caroline Rutkowska

How to assign a raw material to a product?⚗️

If you do not have a raw material base created yet, you can do it by selecting the Inventory tab on the left side of the menu, and then raw materials.

And in this tab, you can give all the parameters for raw materials, which will be used by assigning them to products. To do this, go to Products on the left side, or use quick access to products at the top of the screen:

Now, depending on whether we want to assign the raw material to a new product or to an existing one, click the green Add product button, or click on the edition next to the existing product.

and click the raw materials tab :)

(At this point, we can also create a new raw material and assign it together with others to a given product). To assign a given raw material to a product, click the blue button Assign raw material. After clicking, a line will appear in which we can select a given raw material from the list and assign the amount of raw material to the product.

The assigned raw materials will be visible on the production schedule after clicking on a given manufacturing task. This will allow the employee to enter the amount of raw material used, or use the hints of raw material consumption, after enabling this option in the settings.

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