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Magda Fic
Written by Magda Fic

How to add images or files just to a specific task

Do you want your workers to see images and files only on specific tasks? We’ll show you how to do it quickly!


In Prodio, you have an option of adding production images and files to products and orders. Each of the attachments that you add to the system will be visible on all tasks assigned to orders. If you want an image or file to be displayed only on one of the production tasks, use this functionality!


Go to Products on the left side. For a new product, click in the upper right corner Add  product, for an existing one, click on the edition (pencil option) on the right, and then click on the technology tab. Then a window with technology for that product will appear. All you have to do now is click the Add files button at the end of the machine / operation line.


#1 If you want to upload several files or images at once, it’s best to create one folder and put all the materials you need into it. After clicking on add files, simply select these items by clicking on the ctrl key on your keyboard

#2 Changes which you will provide to your technology will be visible from the newly created orders.

Such files or images will be visible by the worker in the task’s details (after clicking on a given task on the production schedule)


How big files or images can be added to Prodio?

Attachments added to your product’s technology can have 8MB, maximum 5 files.

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