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Magda Fic
Written by Magda Fic

End machine - what is it and why, where to mark it? 🔚

Why the end machine in technology is important, what gives us this identification and how much it helps us to automate production.

While creating technology in your product, you probably see the last column called end machine. Are you wondering what is it for? I'm already explaining :)!

Marking the end machine in technology as final, allows us to automatically change the order status from in production to done. So if, for example, the production of our aircraft consists of three stages, then until the employee finishes his work on the third, last stage, our order will have status in production. When the employee finishes working on the manufacturing task marked as the end machine, then the order status will automatically change to doneI :) It is easy to mark it when you create technology for your products :)

❗️If you create your technology only at the ordering stage, it is enough to check the box called end machine next to the last operation.

❗️My product is set to 5 stages in technology, but for example on 3rd stage, it turns out to be ready.

Don't worry :) When an employee finishes working on manufacturing task, he or she can always indicate that it is a finished product, so he can mark it even at stage 3 if there is such a need. Apart from such situations, it is better to sensitize employees so that they do not think about changing something here without the real reason 😉

Isn't it easy? :)

High five 🙋‍♀️ - team Prodio!

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